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Music and Poetry

For some, music is their life.
Their escape.
Their everything or their only thing.
For me, its all of these.
I was born into a very musically oreinted family, and I wasnt even fully aware of it until recently.
I always knew that I had relitives that were at some point somewhat famous in their life time, but I never knew anything about them or what they did.
See, I didnt really care, and I still dont.
But its still interesting to hear about.
to learn about.
I love how everything is so old, yet so new..
Music will never die, and if it does, life wouldnt be worth living because then there would be no happiness left.
In the world we live in nowadays, everything is hard.
Everything is unstable, and uneven.
And unfair.
I may be only 15, but I do know what its like to go through things that others wouldnt know how to deal with.
And im not saying I did, or do know how to handle it all properly, Im saying that I only had several things getting me through everything that would be going on at home, and at school.
Music, was one of them and played the biggest part in my handling everything.
Writing, was another.
I recently moved to my moms house after living with my dad for 6 years, and to help deal with that, I wrote.
To focus, sleep, and function, I listened to music.
I write poetry.. and the first poem I wrote when I moved here with my mom was one titled Book of Leather..
I dont really understand the meaning behind it, I sorta just... wrote it to escape...

every scar has a story.
or a line.
or a word.
but no matter what,
the always get you talking.
a dog bite.
a bee sting.
a car crash.
but what about the
hidden scars?
that dont come up
in conversation...
the mental scars,
rhetorical scars...
they dont have a
or a line.
or a word.
they have an entire book.
each one in its own
leather bound cover.
bookmarked with lace.
where we then
tuck them away
in the shelf of our mind...
and forget it was even there.
every scar has a story...

anyway, there it is.. Hope you like it.
And now, back to music..
Im a choir stusent, and Im a freshman in highschool.
Ive been singing since age 3, and i never really thought i had a good voice untill my music appreication teacher in 7th grade forced me to sing in front of the class after hearing me singing down the hall one day.
He recorded my voice inclass, in front of EVERYONE.
i wanted to hide under a rock.
And stay there.
And ever since then, he spent the rest of my 7th grade year, and all of my 8th grade year, yelling at me to go into the choir at the highschool.
And so.. thats just what i did.
I was placed into soprano when I got into choir at the highschool I went to while living with my dad, and thats my normal range when I sing in a group.
But when I moved, I was placed into alto, which killed me.
I ended up having to lip sing EVERY song we learned, because i would randomly start following along with the sopranos and throw everyone off.
I cheated.
For the sake of everyone else and not getting yelled at by angry tenors and altos...
And if you were in choir, you would know how MEAN choir kids can be.
You love them and you hate them...
Im just glad that the school year is over in a week..
This is it.
Goodbye, and thanks for reading...
As my thoughts continue, and my body slowly follows, I make it through this year, finally.

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