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Scarletts Scars CH.5

"Zach.. He was a fine young boy, athletic and artistic. He was well loved, but had no true guidence. His 16 year old sister, Scarlett, will not speak to anyone and shes now filing for an amancipation from her dead parents, who passed away in a car accident last year, so she can be treated as an adult. We ask for our viewers to post their thoughts on our beloved Scarletts choices of no longer speaking and seperating herself from her family. Now to Sarah, with the weather."


"Zach! No.. He cant be dead..." I was clutching my brothers slightly warm body, sobbing. "Why..?" I ask softly.

"He was fine this morning.. but then he ditched 3rd to get out of some test. He said.. Some people sold him some pop rocks and then left.. I.. I thought maybe he was allergic to it because he started convulsing and then just fell... And.. And then i texted you..." Nomis said quietly.

"You texted me during 5th. If he ditched 3rd, and then he died why did you wait so long to text me?!"

"No, he got them during 3rd at the park, but then he waited till 4th to eat it... Because he was waiting for me... But even when I got there we didnt open it right away... He was trying to convince me to give him a dollar for some of it.. But I wouldnt," she said, starting to cry.

"Who gave it to him..." I said through gritted teeth.

"I dont kn--"

"Dont fucking lie to me. I dont care if theyre your friends, or dealers or even if they were your fucking brother, you better tell me." I interrupted, glaring at Nomis.

"It was this guy named Max..." Nomis said, taking a step away from me.


"Why didnt you call 911?" Dr. Grant asked Nomis.

"I... I didnt... I thought.. eh..." Nomis stammered.

"She didnt want to get in trouble." her parents said in unison.

"So you text his sister instead... That wasnt very responsible young lady, he couldve had a chance. A small one, but still a chance."

Outside, the officer that had come down to answer my call was sitting with me, telling me everything was going to be okay.

"We will make sure to catch everyone involved in this, I promise." He said, patting my shoulder.


"Scarlett! Scarlett! Look what i found!" Zach yelled, running into my room, holding a small hampster.

"Oh my god you found Fluffy!" I said happily, getting up and taking the hampster from him.

"Yea! He was in the kitchen! Haha and youll never guess where in the kitchen.." Zach says, laughing.


I was kneeling next to Zachs grave stone, crying.

"I love you little brother..."


I woke up with a start, to find myself sobbing. I quickly wiped the tears away and grabbed the razor that was on my dresser. Without even thinking, I dug it into my thigh and cut, over and over.
After cleaning my thigh up, I made several lines on my wrist, then put the razor down. I watched as the beads of blood dripped down and flowed together, going down my arm staining my sheets with small, red dropplets...

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