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Scarletts Scars Ch. 1

I was standing with my back to the door, not caring if the teacher came in and caught me out of my seat again. Being his favorite student, he didnt mind much anyway. Any other student though, hed probably serve them a detention. I open his top drawer of his desk and find the stash of gum packets taken from other students and take two, popping a peice in my mouth as I walk back to my seat. I sit down right as Mr. Ewell walks in, late as usual.

"Well class, how are you? Ready to go home by the look of it," he says, walking to the chalkboard and writing down the assignment.

The class murmers different replies, mainly grumbles as they grab their books. I could really care less what the lesson for today was at this point. Just because Mr. Ewell plays favorites, im passing History. All it takes is a great pouty face and a perverted teacher.

As my friend Cris walks by, he pops the bubble that I had been blowing with his finger and laughs.
Rey, this guy who has a creepy crush on me and seems to think im dating him, sees our exchange of laughter and pipes up.

"Nice. Keep flirting. See where it puts you."

"Uh, how is he flirting? Heh, ew. Hes my best friend. Im allowed to have friends, arent I?" I ask, smirking as his expression changes from bully to lovey.

"Thats the most youve said to me all year!"

"Yea, but that doesnt mean Im in love with you, it just means Im acknowledging you exisist... today."

Cris sits on my desk and starts playing with my many kandii bracelets. I laugh as I point out the scar my turtle had givin me a few months back, telling him the story for probably the millionth time.

"Cris, go back to your seat this is independant work!" Mr. Ewell says from across the room.

"Oh, but I dont know what we are doing so I asked Cris for help, seeing as youre so busy, I didnt want to bother you," I flash my crooked half smile at Mr. Ewell and beam.

"Oh.. Oh alright, but grab a chair cris, the desks arent for sitting upon"

"Will do"

"Thank you Mr. Ewell!"

"Youre welcome, Scarlett."

I pull out my phone and go to new messgaes. three new ones from Nomis are blinking at me, "Where are you?" "Where the hell are you?" "Answer when I call, its important."
I hit reply, and tell her to call me again.


"What class are you in?"

"World history, 5th period. Whats wrong?"

"Ummh.. Shit.. Zach is dead, Scarz... I need your help. Please come get me..."

I just sit in my seat, a blank stare glazing over my eyes as I look straight ahead. that look. The one Cris knows so well. I thought it would be okay now. That everything was going to be perfect..
I hang up my phone and just stare. Cris looks at me, laughing at something Rey had said. when he sees my dead look, his smile slips away and he murmers, "Not again."

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