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Scarletts Scars Ch. 2


I lean my head against the cool wall, and reach for my phone. Four texts.. three from Nomis, who texts everyday.. my only friend that hasnt givin up talking to me.. or trying to at least, other than Cris of course. They all say the same thing,"how are you?" "I miss you, txt me back." "i wanna know how youre doing, text me back please." I skip her texts and go to the one from Cris, the fourth text, "call me when you wake up."
I pick up the peice of paper that Cris had wrote his new home number on, and punched punched it into my phone.

"Hello? Scarlett?" Cris's voice sounded tired, as if he hadn't gotten much sleep.

I press a button twice to indicate yes, it was me.

"Alright.. When do you want me to pick you up?"

I push a button ten times; ten minutes.

"okay, Ill try, okay?"

I push a button three times for okay.

Cris hangs up first, so I push the end button. I lean back against the wall closing my eyes, and sigh.

Why am I always so tired?
As I think this, my eyes start to droop, and soon, I was asleep.

"Mom?" im calling out into an empty house. Thats right... Mom is with dad at that thing downtown.. okay... "Zack?" Im hoping my brother hadnt gone too.

"In here!" Zack calls out from the living room. "Im taking advantage of being home alone," he sticks his tounge out at me as I walk into the room.

"You have a point I guess." I sit next to my brother on the couch, and punch him playfully on the shoulder. I soon fell asleep watching cartoons with Zach laughing next to me.

------A FEW HOURS LATER------

I wake up suddenly to see the home phone ringing and buzzing its way off of the coffee table. I look up at the clock as I pick up the phone to answer it.
"Hello?" I ask groggily. 2:43am who the hell is calling..?

"Hello, is this Scarlett Randall?" an unknown voice asks.


"Im sorry to inform you of this, but your parents have been in a major car accident.. they were hit by a Mac truck heading off the 101 comming home... Miss we are sending an officer to come get you so you can tell us if this is actually your parents' car.

"Wait, what? No. I cant do that. Just.. Just read me the license plate or something. I cant leave my brother at home at by himself at three in the morning," I say every word with as much authority as I could muster.

"Miss, I know youre upset.. but that doesn't mean that yo--"


There was a brief pause as if the officer was trying to decide what to do, as I tried to calm my hiccups. Some shuffling indicated that the officer was walking over towards something or someone.

"12OU3V5 California, Ventura," the officers voice was smaller, softer.

"Yes thats our car.. goodbye," I hung up quickly, not wanting to hear anything else the officer had to say.

"Scarlett... Scarlett?" A voice drifted somewhere close by.

I sit up suddenly to find Cris standing over me, calling my name. Thats when I relize Im breathing heavily and gripping the carpet.

Cris sits down and pulls me into his lap gently. "did you have the dream again?" He starts rocking me back and forth slowly, and trys unsuccessfully to brush my bangs out of my eyes as I nod. I lean against his chest and he looks down at me. I guess he saw how misserable I was, so he took charge again. Just like he did the day I found out about Zack...

"Babe, come on. Time to get ready for school," he said, pulling me up with him. "Im going to pick out what you wear if you dont."

I just blink at him. After a moment, I walked past him and into my room, flopping down on the bed and pointing towards my dresser.

"Okay," he says, walking over there. He hands me my blue tank top and black, torn Sublime T-shirt that hangs off my shoulders. He looked through my drawers for my pants and decided on my black skinny skinny jeans with ripped knees. He left the room as I changed and did my makeup and hair, and waited with my purple hightop converse in one hand, and my black combat boots that have shiny buckles all the way up the side in the other hand. I grab my converse and pull them on, tightening the laces and then grab my keys. I walk into the kitchen and grab the box of granola bars off the counter along with my phone and backpack, and head to the door.

Downstairs of the tiny apartment complex, Cris's girlfriend, Dawn, was waiting in the car. I get in the backseat and avoid eye contact by nodding my head foreward, causing my bangs to fall in front of my eyes like a curtain. I can see out, but no one can see in...

"Good morning Scarlett," Dawn says.

I nod my head once in greeting and then look out the window. I take my headphones out of my back pack and plug them into my ipod, turning it on and ccranking up the volume so as to block out all sound. Secondhand Serenade's Fall For You fills my head as I lean against the cold glass of the window. As the song dies down, I hear Dawn saying sdomething about me to Cris, so I press pause to listen.

"--Never talks, and its starting to bug me. I dont understand her movements like you do! she wont use the chalkboard I bought her so we could communicate.. I try to let her know I love her as much as you do, but she wont let me!" she says to Cris angrily.

"Well if your parents died and then a year later, your little brother; the only family you had left, died too, you wouldn't want to talk to anyone either." Cris replies sternly.

"But why us too? We take care of her for Gods sake! I just want to hear her soft voice one more time.. even if its just for a thank you.. just ONCE," Dawn says softly, but concerned.

I didnt want to hear anymore of her rant, so i pushed play again, and let my music drown out the world once more.

-my tears run down like razor blades, and no, I'm not the one to blame, its you... or is it me?-

I pushed next, not wanting to listen to the song Zack used to hum to himself subconsciously all the time, having heard it so many times blasting from my sterio.

-you would not believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies... lit up the world as i fell asleep.. cuz they fill the open air, and leave teardrops everywhere. you'd think me rude but i would just stand and... stare.-

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