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Hello there, Im Madi, and you are...


Scarletts Scars Dedications...

Dedicated to Kaleigh Gregory...
Even though i couldnt fix everything in your life that ended up leaving a scar, doesnt mean that you dont mean the world to me... in my heart, you will always be my Scarlett.


Rachel... "BATMAN."

Taylor (pikachu)... "we're wearing the same pants again! without calling each other! TOTAL WIN."

Taylor(god)... "RAAAAAAGEEE!"

Ali Wire... "LMFAOJKTWH"

Ali Warren... "MADI FALLINGMASTER! iloveyou"

Nicky... "greeeeeen." "Q IS FOR KAUALA!" "you looka lyka woman but you talka lyka man" and many more inside jokes...

Kyler... "i love you" ...and i love you too. forever.<3

TEDDYBEAR<3... kevin, you were always there for me, for that i love you. youre like an older brother to me, thank you.

kaykay (kaitlynn)... you are the ONLY person that can get me to wear high heels and make me look like a barbie and then take me to school that way.
i swear to god.
love you<3

i love you all, even those of you who arent named, i do indeed love you.<3

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