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Hello there, Im Madi, and you are...


Scarletts Scars..

Okay... Im writing a story called Scarletts Scars, and Im going to be posting it up here. Its also on my Deviant Art along with the rest of my poetry.. But I figured This was a good way to let people read my story and get some sort of response on it.. Ive been told by alot of people that its really good, including my mom... She wants to kill me everytime I let her read it, because it just stops XD
But I just want it to get noticed, and get some real criticism on it...
well, im going to post what i have of it so far...
thank you!
and yes, Im not only going to be posting my story, I will also be ranting about school, and life as my blog is described.
I just thought this was a good way to maybe get noticed. (:
well, thanks!

....and the Madness begins...

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